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Project 29: 324 days to 30

Things got a bit hectic there for a bit, so technically this should be like 321 days to 30 but that would screw up my whole mindset… therefore I’m leaving it as 324. However, since there wasn’t a whole ton to catch up on, this post is mostly pictures.

Miss Mimi and I visited the Dairy Freeze (delicious) for dinners of champions…. Ice cream.



My new slightly geeky (yet very memorable) business cards. All hail Master Yoda.


A two week long sleepover which culminated with one giant bed and 5 girls sleeping in it… plus one great big chocolate lab.


Last but not least, Date Night in Sumner…. My date was slightly short, standing at just over 2ft tall and the heat was horrendous. But we survived it and had a good time anyway.

I won’t miss this week…. I hope. Things should be slowing down for at least an hour or two….

xoxo, Markie



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