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Project 29: 247 Days to 30

I feel like a week went missing here. But that could be due to all the extra sleep I’ve been taking to recoup from last weekends 5k and to gear up for this weekends 5k. Have I lost my mind? Maybe…. just a bit. But I feel better compared to even just a month ago.

Mimi and I closed out the weekend with a Home day. Meaning we watched the movie Home, ate Boov shaped chicken nuggets and snuggled. She wasn’t thrilled with my homemade BBQ, but that just meant more for me.

PINIMAGESeeing as I got the bright (or not so bright) idea to start doing 5k walk/runs on weekends… I figured some additional “training” might be a good idea. So we walked the loop at Bradley Lake Park (ok, I walked and pushed Mimi. A 45 lb child in a stroller is a whole new challenge), then I got some extra exercises in while she played at the park. PINIMAGEThe end goal here is to finish the Warrior Dash, Spartan Race AND Tough Mudder by my 33rd birthday. This should be interesting…. PINIMAGEWe’ve crossed the 250 day mark… time has been moving way too quickly. I’ve lined up some sessions for the next few months and am putting together a list of places I want to photograph, including some pretty awesome self portraits.

xoxo, Markie



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