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Project 29: 240 days to 30

240 days…. still counting down, though the past couple of weeks I’ve slightly slacked off. Only slightly. Partially, it’s due to being busy. Planning a first birthday party (I seriously can’t believe it), trying to get my entire life re-organized after the summer slack off (You mean I need to pay those bills still? Really?), and prepping for the back to school madness (which actually starts tonight with the back to school BBQ).

Last weekend started with a sushi dinner. I’ve missed sushi, but trying to eat at home as much as possible doesn’t leave room for sushi (because let’s face it, I’m not a sushi chef. Mine would look nothing like this).


Saturday was my second 5k this year. Miss Emersyn got to join me on this run. And for the first time ever, I ran a full mile. I didn’t run fast by any means, but I ran. It felt wonderful. PINIMAGESince we were actually several hours early for the race… I practiced self portraits with my cell phone balanced on the stroller. Emersyn thought this was funny.
PINIMAGEAnd come Thursday, the weather changed completely to the rainy, wet, balmy fall we all know up here. It rained, it poured. I turned off my AC unit and turned on….. my heat. Seriously. Sweatshirts, boots, and fun socks are officially my go-tos for the next 6 months.
PINIMAGEFor those days I’m stuck inside, at least I have plenty of goodies to keep me comfy, cozy and in a constant state of relaxation (yeah right. But they make the indoors tolerable).

So now comes the challenge of keeping busy until the weather changes again…..

xoxo, Markie



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