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Project 29: 171 Days to 30



I started this month with great intentions. One of my friends, Christine Tremoulet, talked about National Novel Writing Month and how she was considering doing it. I considered it too for about all of a hot minute. Then I realized I don’t have much time to actually sit down and write a novel. Much less anything that I’d want to write about. I have my blog here and while it’s connected to my business, it’s still a sweet little home away from home for me.

As usual, time is slipping past faster than I’d like it to. It’s already November and I’m over halfway through my countdown to 30. I haven’t even begun to really think about planning a 30th birthday party, nor have I begun planning 2016 just yet. Both of these things I really need to get on the ball with. But I thought that today is a good time to sit back and make a list of things I’d like to accomplish at some point.

Firstly, I want to pay off the surmounting personal debts that are basically running my life. This is the reason I work 4 jobs. These debts are the reason I’m constantly trying to make more money and stressing myself out. This isn’t good for me, and it isn’t good for my kiddos. So I’ll be creating a concrete plan that I can start right away to pay them off and live without them.

Secondly, I want to become a LuLaRoe consultant. This is an unique clothing line and I’ve fallen madly in love with the brand. Each piece is comfy, funky and completely swoon worthy.

Third, I want to work at home. This is my big goal here. The end all be all and the success mark I’m working towards. In order to meet this goal, I need to streamline my life which is no small task. So this month, my goal is to add a bi-weekly post about one of the two companies I perform as an independent consultant for. Two new posts a month. I can do this.

xoxo, Markie



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