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Project 29: 149 days to 30


It feels like every year the Holidays show up and I lose track of time. First Halloween comes way before I get the adorable custom costumes made for the girls. Then Thanksgiving knocks on the door asking for biscuits or veggies or something and then Christmas sneaks in while you have the door cracked. This year I’m left struggling to balance two separate court ordered schedules along with the hectic mess that is my own life. Every year I tell myself I’ll be more organized next year. Then next year comes and it’s December 3rd, and I’ve barely even made room for the Christmas tree.

But last night, I read the girls a story. I rocked Emma to sleep. I snuggled with Mimi for a bit. Sure, I didn’t eat dinner until after 9 pm, and said dinner consisted of eggnog, pepperoni & salami slices, some cheese and a giant plateful of crackers. Still, it was completely worth it to have that short time with my kids. I realized shortly after, that they don’t care our tree isn’t up. It doesn’t make a difference to them that we don’t have lights on our house yet, haven’t baked Christmas cookies, and the only reason they have a countdown calendar to Christmas is because Noni put one together. What they do care about is the spending time with me. Reading the stories. Snuggling and watching movies. Making chocolate milk with way too much NesQuik.

So please, as we head further into this Christmas season, don’t forget to be present with your family. Chances are, 10 years from now no one will remember what they got this year. But they will remember whether or not you were there. And next year, I’ll start decorating earlier. Or not.

xoxo, Markie




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