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Project 29: 113 days to 30

Between my grandpa getting sick, three holidays, the flu, a round of norovirus topped off with a nasty lingering cold….. I fell way behind. About 30 days behind, give or take. Thankfully, the new year brings a sense of new beginnings and the ability to truly start over. My focuses this year are a bit more personal than even last year, and include minimizing my entire life (who knew two kids and a mama could end up with so much…. stuff) and organizing everything from my household to my schedule. I’ll be focused on my family again this year with goals that include eating at home, taking time weekly for myself and keeping up with Project 29 and Project Selfie. PINIMAGEOf course, no family can truly get by without family outings. Even if those are just to Panera Bread for cookies and bagels. PINIMAGEPINIMAGEChristmas was actually quite pleasing this year. It’s typically a time where shared holidays dampen some of the joy of the season, but this year that wasn’t the case. You see, a few years ago I was able to get my hands on this beautiful vintage kitchen set when the church I attend cleaned out their storage. This piece happened to be built by one of the grandparents in the church and was played with by myself growing up. It’s one of my favorite memories of Sunday School, playing with this kitchen set. So when they did their cleanout, I snatched it up immediately and stored it away just waiting for the right time to pass it on to my kids.

It still needs some TLC and refreshing to make it new again, but the look on Mimi’s face when they walked in the door Christmas morning was completely perfect. The kitchen is now in our family room, full of kitchen play stuff and used as often as possible. However, there’s glitter all over my floors and that doesn’t vacuum up very easily. Totally worth it.



xoxo, Markie



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