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Project 29: 24 days to 30

It’s really hard to believe that it’s been nearly a year since I started this project. My favorite part?Read More »

Project 29: 29 days to 30

29 days left. It’s gone way faster than I expected. And with my computer on the fritz right now, I can’tRead More »

Project 29: 113 days to 30

Between my grandpa getting sick, three holidays, the flu, a round of norovirus topped off with a nasty lingeringRead More »

Project 29: 149 days to 30

It feels like every year the Holidays show up and I lose track of time. First Halloween comes way before I get theRead More »

Project 29: 164 days to 30

Truth be told, it’s not Thursday and until about 30 seconds ago, I didn’t even remember how many days wereRead More »

Project 29: 171 Days to 30

I started this month with great intentions. One of my friends, Christine Tremoulet, talked about National NovelRead More »

Project 29: 178 Days to 30

I’ve missed a few Project 29 posts, but I swear to you I have a really really good reason. You see, I spent aRead More »

Project 29: 199 Days To 30

This project just keeps taking me deeper in different directions than originally planned. Right now I’m in theRead More »

Project 29: 206 Days to 30

Sometimes life gets away without you. Two weeks ago, I came down with what appeared to be the flu, however it justRead More »